CABC Day 3 (토)

11월 5일 토요일, 오늘은 4강전과 결승전이 열리는 날입니다.

VG은 TIS와 준결승

TIS에 VG팀은 1-0으로 집니다. 예선에선 3-1로 이겼는데...

11월 5일 토요일, 추운 날이었죠^^


따뜻한 코코아 봉사

VG팀의 3-4위전 모습입니다.

Astana와 무승부...그리고 이어지는 승부차기 끝에 아쉽게 패했지요.

VB팀은 준결승에서 AIS를 1-0 으로 이긴 뒤 결승에서 Astana를 3-1로 이기고 우승을 차지합니다. 지난 2년간 준우승만 했는데.. 모두가 감격했던 순간이었죠.

VB팀은 우승



  VG팀은 Sportsmanship 상을 탔습니다.


가족 사진도^^


To the boys soccer teams, make sure you read Mrs. Montano’s message below. Also, great job :) VB, you had gotten so close the last few years and it’s really awesome you got first place this year! You played with such unity and intensity! And JVB, way to bounce back after a tough game and win third!

Now, to everyone in the TS community: On the one hand, our VG had a rough end to the CASC. It hurts and is disappointing to end up in 4th, and there's no way around that.

Each girl played hard and never gave up and as their coach I am happy about that. We won most 50-50 balls, we scored the most goals, and we won an incredible game on Friday. But the most important thing we did was to win the Sportsmanship award.

Honestly, it didn’t feel that great in the moment, because it was disappointing to not be up there to receive a medal, but as I look back, I am so incredibly proud of our girls for that award.

As a team, we consistently encouraged and supported one another, both on and off the field. We played every opponent fair but hard, and we always picked them up when we knocked them down. But most importantly, we made a profound impact in the lives of the girls from TIS (Tashkent).

Our girls talked with them and encouraged them after they had a rough loss the first day and after we beat them on Friday. We poured a lot of time and love into one girl in particular. It was beautiful to watch our girls shine brightly for Him just by being themselves and reaching out. I know for a fact that seeds were planted in her heart and I’m so thankful we had this opportunity.

I was told that we used to have a nasty rivalry against TIS, but now, they really like us and love seeing us and playing us. We may not have received a medal Saturday night, but I believe that in the life to come, we will get to see the full impact of all we did at the tournament. Our prayers, our tears, our conversations, our hugs, our bruises and injuries – all of it was worth it.

So as a community, I ask you to encourage our girls and to rejoice with us that He who began a good work in us (and through us) will carry it out to completion.